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Mattress and bed base custom-made to your measures

The conscious customer is increasingly aware of his welfare and well-being, which has strengthened his demands with respect to the quality of sleep systems. Ikélo tackles this challenge, by providing a scientifically verified, easy-to-use tool for personalized bedding. Offering expert advice that is personalized and optimized to the human body, Ikélo stands for unequaled sleeping comfort.

Body measurement

The Ikélo system measures a set of body dimensions that are necessary to make biomechanical calculations on body support and sleep comfort. The most important dimensions are the width and the height of the shoulders, trunk, waist and hips. Also the weight and the partial weights of body segments are measured.

Expert system & calculations

Based on the measurements the expert module of the Ikélo system calculates the mechanical requirements needed for an optimal body support. The expert module is able to translate these mechanical characteristics into:

  • a composition of a bed base, a mattress and a pillow that are selected from a pre-defined product range,
  • a design of a completely customized bed using pre-defined building elements,
  • determine the optimal settings an adjustable sleeping system.

All calculations of the expert module are based on 20 years of scientific research carried out by the Biomechanics Department of the Katholieke Universiteit of Leuven.

Sales support

Apart from its inherent qualities as a sleep advice system, the Ikélo is a valuable communication tool to provide the customer with correct and objective information on the available sleep product range. The catalogue and tender module module of the Ikélo system can be used to configure and customize bed furniture and other sleeping room elements that are included in the product range.


As long as the geometry of the optical elements and weigh scale is unaltered the appearance of the Ikélo can be redesigned to nearly any shape. To reshape the Ikélo to your needs Custom8 offers in house designs or collaborates with designers of your choice.

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