visual Bantam


Point of sale

The Bantam is a low-end version of the Ikélo system that is designed to operate by the customer without the intervention of a seller. The Bantam provides the customer with a tool to select an optimal sleep system from a limited product range.

Body parameters

The Bantam system guides the customer through a limited set of questions that are answered by a single touch on the touch sensitive interface. The questions concentrate on age, body length class, comfort feeling. While the customer is on the platform, the Bantam system measures his weight and calculates estimations of the partial weights of body segments.

Expert system & calculations

The calculation module of the Bantam system is an extended version of the Ikélo expert module and uses fuzzy logic to make a composition of, according to importance, a mattress, a pillow and a bad base each chosen from a limited product range.

Sales support

The Bantam is created as a point-of-sale system and supports the Ikélo catalogue and tender module with a user friendly interface.


The appearance of the Bantam can be redesigned to nearly any shape. To reshape the Bantam to your needs Custom8 offers in house designs or collaborates with designers of your choice.

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