visual Dynasleep Intelligent bed system

Dynasleep Intelligent bed system


Custom8 is confident that it can push the optimization of passive beds to the highest standards. However, we also strongly believe that the introduction of active components in sleep systems is a solution to fulfill the highest demands in body support. The Intelligent bed is the future of sleeping systems.

Active sleep system

DynaSleep is an active sleep system that measures posture and comfort related parameters during sleep and actively adjusts the mechanical interface between the sleep system and the sleeper. DynaSleep is an intelligent bed that responds to posture changes during sleep and silently corrects sub-optimal body support. It is conceived as a modular design, which allows the customer to add design features both on a hardware as on a software level. It is currently used by several sleep research institutes.

The hardware is currently equipped with:

  • 8 independent actuated zones for adjusting the support in the upper body region. The modules are completey noiseless and posture adjustments are performed at very slow rates to prevent disturbance of the sleep process.
  • A surface deflection sensor mat (IdoShape)
  • A processing unit

The measurements performed by the system can be extended to include temperature and humidity readings in different layers (µCliMat).

The software has the following features:

  • Customer input by loading a bodyscan measurement (Ikélo), or based on a questionnaire to provide the basic information (age, gender, length, widths, weight, …)
  • The sleep system is loaded with basic support settings for the back, side and stomach posture of the archetype matching with the customer’s data
  • Possibility to personalize the support in the different sleeping postures
  • Automatic recognition of the sleeping posture, and adjustment of the support in the detected sleeping posture

The DynaSleep intelligent bed system can also provide advice on the optimal sleeping system from a particular range, based on the support settings in the different sleeping postures

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